Having the Voice and Called to Share the Good News, we are blanketing the Globe with Jesus ✝
Nizar Fares’ first release in 1996 with "Jeitawi Hospital’s Choir", was followed by "Jesus My Joy" group in 1999, then "Agapée" Choir in 2000. Along with these albums, many of his recorded hymns were collected in his first religious album, "On You I Depend", in 2001. 
As his voice and ministry became known, many churches began inviting Nizar as a soloist during evenings of worship, often accompanied by a local youth choir. Since that time the ministry has spontaneously grown, and one of its first goals was to guide people into prayer through hymns of worship, and invite them to deepenth their relationship with the Lord.

Holding a PhD in musicology has opened doors for Nizar to engage as a lecturer in universities, colleges, and seminaries on several occasions. Many of those seminars were organized in dioceses, parishes and churches, where he addressed and tutored musicians, musicologists, choir conductors, worship leaders, soloists and choristers. Education and Talents are the tools, but the Lord is the goal.

The main medium of communication of this ministry was music, and since 1999, over 800 Christian songs were produced, that reached all children, teenagers and adults, from different backgrounds, ethnicities, even different religions. But with time, many other doors were opened in miraculous ways. Consequently, hundreds of other media contents were shared, hundreds of worship and prayer events were organized and attended, many refugees' camps were visited, several international philanthropy activities were embraced throughout years. It all led to create a seed sowed into the Kingdom, a new non-profit organization; Nizar Fares Global Ministry (NFGM).

While this is just a history of the ministry, and as some of us were called for inner change, doors are open wide to investing in changing others’ lives by bringing the Good News of our Savior Christ for distressed people and nations. Today, the war is becoming exponentially fierce both spiritually and physically. We are witnessing an unprecedented expression of evil in people. We are -more than ever- called to witness for Jesus; the manifestation of God in flesh!

Lately, NFGM has been burdened to visit more refugees' camps in the Middle East (Northern Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, etc). Simultaneously, God is opening doors with refugees in Europe, such in Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and others. And we are led through prayers and networking to help families to legally relocate into safer shelters.
Dear reader, the politicians’ speeches are everywhere, the field work needed is truly elsewhere. The work set ahead of us is huge. Today, we invite everyone reading this brief, for a potential world-changing choice and experience; ”The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest." Luke 10: 2.

While training and equiping young students, we always mention this idea: "maybe we are far from being heroes, but heroes were someday just like us!". If some extremist groups are fighting today fueled by hatred, we are fighting fueled by the Holy Spirit -the Living God!-, and we are never afraid to fight on the frontline, and that's what NFGM has been doing for the last couple of years...

Ephesians 4:13-15 states: “until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.”
alMajdu lelLahi - المجد لله - Glory be to God
Liya Masīḥ - لي مسيح - I have a Messiah
Yā Mīnā'a Omrī - يا ميناء عمري - My life's Harbor
In a Moment of Honesty - في لحظةِ صدقٍ - En un moment d'hônneteté
Na'am - نعم - I do (2018)
Alwan II - ألوان ٢ - Couleurs 2 (2017)
The Prophet and the Harlot - النبي والغانية - Musical's Soundtracks (2016)
Masafatou Qalben - مسافة قلب - A un coeur près (2013)
Take a Role (Christmas Album- 2012)
Forsa II- فرصة ٢ - Récréation 2 (2012)
Qarartou An Akhtar - قررت أن أختار - J'ai décidé de choisir (2010)
Endama Yaḥinou waqti - عندما يحين وقتي - Lorsque mon temps vient (2009)
Raḥati Fik - راحتي فيك - I rest in You (2008)
Alwan - ألوان - Couleurs (2008)
Maa Mourour el Waqt - مع مرور الوقت - Avec le temps qui passe (2007)
La Halak - لا هلاك - Pas de Damnation (2006)
Forsa - فرصة - Récréation I (2006)
Jahalet Al Malek - جهالة الملك - Ignorance du Roi (Musical 2006)
Ya Fateḥ Bwab El Sama - يا فاتح بواب السما - Vous ouvrirez les portes du ciel (2004)
Al Kalima Sara Bacharan - الكلمة صار بشراً - Et le Verbe s’est fait chair (2004)
Alayka Takaltou - عليك اتكلت - Je compte sur Toi (2001)
The love of a Father August 22, 2018
The love of a Father, the care of a Father, the presence of a Father, the image of a Father - isn’t that what we miss so often in today’s world? I know...as the loss of my Father so profoundly affected my childhood. In Lebanon, during the 1980s civil war, we were one of 210,000 orphaned...
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