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Our Mission

Teach with Integrity and keep Talents' Genuineness.

We acknowledge that every talent is unique. This is why DooZhen teaches with integrity to ensure keeping the authentic flavour and the originality of the musical gift, which is expressed in the student's character as in his musical interpretation. Yet, we encourage our talents to adopt new methods and academic tips to evolve in their career and gain more expertise in the musical field, without scratching their genuineness!
There are thousands of great musicians around the world, but aren't we witnessing more and more musical prototypes? We'd rather help our students to reach excellence with an intrinsic Talent.

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Our Vocation

You are our Musical Fulfilment.

Every endowed student is a valued potential Artist for DooZhen. Therefore, we strive with youngsters as with adults, beginners as advanced to make the best out of their musical experience. On one hand, with our out-of-the-box academic curricula, fun yet constructive, on the other hand, with our experienced and professional staff, we guarantee you for our talents not less than excellence...

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Our Music Family

Music at your hand!

Our staff at DooZhen is a collection of talented, dedicated professional instructors and musicians who combine a love of music with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest musical potential. That passion shows in all we do!
Wether you want to go pro, to enjoy investing in your talent, to practise your instrument, or maybe to discuss your goals in music, you can just call or visit. You'll find us there for you!

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Nizar Fares, PhD in Musicology

Musical Mission

Nizar Fares, a singer and artist endowed with a beautiful voice, his “heavenly gift”, has been brought up in a family known for its artistic taste.

Attracted to art, music, and hymns, he sang great Middle Eastern classics in several occasions throughout his school and university years. This has deservedly gained him the title of “School Singer”… and thus he participated as a soloist in several choirs since he was 5 years old…

Thirsting for musical culture, he drew his interpretations from the repertoires of the greatest Middle Eastern and classical composers. Admiring classical popular singing, he performed in several concerts and recitals in Lebanon his Homeland and all over the globe in almost 40 countries. It seems “fate” did not predispose this “soloist singer” to the universe of profane music, although the secular middle eastern world keeps echoing his name as a fingerprint & an icon in this field..

Nizar preferred to be fully devoted to "Sacred Music" as a Performing Artist, and committed to "Secular Music" as Music Teacher, Vocal Coach and Doctor in Musicology.

Holder of a university degree in Agronomic Engineering, he pursued his musical studies at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon (USEK) where he got an Middle East Singing Diploma, his BA, TD, Master's, and his PhD in Musicology.

Teacher ​of music and a devout committed man satiated with an unwavering faith in culture and musical edification for next generations. He conducted many professional choirs, and sang as a soloist in many others. He had the opportunity to manage his own music school; first Watar (2007), then DooZhen Music Academy (2011), which gave him more expertise in talents' management and vocal coaching. He reaped success of his artfulness when some of his students won in most known Talent TV Shows as "The Voice", "StarAcademy", "X Factor", etc.

He was born “to perform on stage,” as his American professor of classical singing once described him in one of his graduate classes. Nizar opted to perform on the “holy stage” which – added to his exceptional charisma, creative capacity, and vocal versatility – allowed him on one hand to bear witness to his choice, on another hand to be a great choice for serious talents to grow pro and hit the showbiz…

Heritage ​preserver, Nizar believes that a true music researcher and a genuine musician have to be equipped with the best music resources. Nizar has been working for years now on his music library to help his students to benefit a true academic musical experience.


"...You cannot hear our son Nizar Fares without being engaged with what he's singing..."

"Baritono near to fullness"

"Stardom can be a servant for such a voice"

"A Highly Educated Voice"

"A Humbling Voice"

"Thrilled to have such a colleague in the Middle Eastern Music"

"I can nearly hear my voice in a male version"

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