Addouka Abba - أدعوك أبا - I Call you Abba (Jésus ma Joie, 2000)

“Addouka Abba” 1999: it’s the first recording of Nizar with “Jesus ma Joie” group, the three songs included; “Addouka Abba" (I call you Abba), "Aynaka Tanzourou Ilyya" (You are watching me), & "Nashid El Makhloukat” (Psalm of Creation) consacrated Nizar Fares as a well-know Christian singer & determined his call from God to serve Him with his voice… The songs were successfully sang by many choirs globally, translated into many languages as in Deutsch, French and English. A special appearance of Nizar with the group "Jesus my Joy" at downtown Warsow- Poland in an international Christian song festival 2003, helped the Middle Eastern Christian song to be heard beyond borders (watch here).

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