The love of a Father, the care of a Father, the presence of a Father, the image of a Father - isn’t that what we miss so often in today’s world? I the loss of my Father so profoundly affected my childhood.

In Lebanon, during the 1980s civil war, we were one of 210,000 orphaned families. I was a boy who grew up in a conservative boarding school, and in a convent of nuns, I developed hatred towards the Heavenly Father asking, “How can a fair and mighty God allow me to exist without a Papa?” And, “How can you leave me in a place where I’m even deprived of my Mom?”

Slowly, I grew to be a young man, taking my own life adventure through the world of musical artistry and stardom - I became an award-winner performing on a Pan-Arab talent show. But, through it all I became increasingly aware that I was searching for the image of “Father” in many mentors and friends. Only then did I return broken inside to the Heavenly Father - to the point of challenging His existence. And what was His response? He showered me with an unprecedented embracing love, making me see in a flashback how He was walking me through my life’s valley of death, taking care of my steps, protecting me from my wounded self and others, preparing me to be a vessel to serve Him, and testify of His unconditional love!

In every war of history, men have died - like in my own family - all leaving behind chaos. There, scattered young hearts are left to search through the rubble for the missing puzzle piece on their emotional journeys towards adulthood. Some kids compensate, some act out, others substitute. Few are restored, most live in brokenness. Since the very beginning of the family model, evil has been trying to reshape and destroy God’s design - attempting to eradicate the Father in our lives.

In a Christian family, the father lays himself down for his family - just like Christ has done for the church - His bride. But in today’s societies, we see how the male figure is becoming increasingly marginalized - resulting in children being less and less psychologically balanced. Today, we are witness to an unprecedented male addiction to video games, now classified as a disease called “Gaming Disorder”. Sadly, millions of men, created by God to be fathers and role models, are neglecting vital parts of their lives - deceived into a virtual world - instead of embracing the one they were meant for. So many other diversions are trapping men and keeping them from the high calling of Fatherhood - drugs, pornography, or even being addicted to one’s own job.

Parenthood is a responsibility. More importantly, it is a special God-given gift that each of us should cherish and enjoy the best of it’s fruits. To help bring a healthy, psychologically balanced child, ready to strive and succeed into the global public square - is honorable, important work. To be a father, and help train the next generation of fathers is to live out the image and likeness of God.

Share and pray this worship song that talks about the Heavenly father's love:

"Attakilu 'Alayka أتكل عليك"