I am heartsick at the digital persecution that we as Christians are undergoing. In my personal perspective, it’s not just a distortion of the Truth - I call it a “gavage” (indoctrination) of fallacies directed at the new generations.

At a recent Christian Student Club event at Harvard University in Massachusetts, an acclaimed Christian activist, poet and former LGBT member; Jackie Hill-Perry who converted and responded to a “soul call” from Jesus was invited to speak. Normally, such gatherings take place are planned for rooms with a 150 person capacity. On that day, the organizers were forced to change to another room that could hold 350 people - with a strong security presence. To their surprise, more than 150 students from LGBT attended - who by the way, were welcomed and seated in the front rows. However, it wasn’t LGBT’s intention to come and listen, as they continually interrupted and disrupted with expressions of real hatred towards Christians, Christ, God. The language and the vile in which it was delivered was horrifying - even non-Christian and non-LGBT students attending the session were offended by the in-humane behavior. The gathering intended to be an encouragement to students struggling with their issues (not exclusively sexual orientation), ended up in one more disturbing social conflict - the extreme volume of the night moving it up the list past racism, sexism, feminism, or any kind of -ism we’re facing in a post-truth era.

When history was made in the USA, basic human rights were written into law to protect intrinsic human value - promoting freedom in speech, thought, belief, and conscience. What we are witnessing today is an aggressive secularism - not towards all religions, but singling out Christianity. While aggressive Muslims are killing thousands around the world, under the Taliban, ISIS, affiliates and other like-minded extremists - simply stating an opposing opinion, or even accurately labeling it is stereotyped as islamophobia. When pedestrians in New York City were crushed to death by a rented truck in 2017, the mayor came to a microphone and announced “We are all Islam”. Am I islamophobic because I see those words as a distortion to the truth under the leaky umbrella of political correctness.

On the other side of the world, while aggressive Buddhists are starving Rohingya’s Muslim population, and before them, they were persecuting the Christian minorities of Myanmar, people in the Western World are celebrating, cherishing the enlightenment of the self brought by Buddhism and Hinduism. Do you see also see something wrong with this picture?


When Madeleine L’Engles wrote her book “A Wrinkle In Time”, it was infused with a Christian worldview in quotes and thoughts. Now the book has been turned into a Disney movie, the screenwriter Jennifer Lee has removed from the movie its Christian content - raping the intellectual property of the author, violating her beliefs and completely changing her story. How is that Hollywood can believe that it is right to crush Christians? Does the presence of Oprah somehow make that OK?

What happened to the words “tolerance”, “multi-faith”, pluralization”, “diversity”? Has the the word “inclusive” ceased to exist? I remember the definition of “INCLUSIVE” including ALL and excluding NONE. It seems that between “God is dead” (Times, 1966) and “God is back” (Economist, 2009), human beings while essentially being the same - have been wound up, and are now ready to kill just to make a point, to control, and to prove that we are right.

Back to my deep concern about digital persecution, it appears we are definitely are on the verge of a change in the course of humanity. Witness the clash of ideologies, religions, philosophies, gender supremacies, etc…but the thing they all share in common is a refined disgust for Christianity. Perhaps in the next era Christians will be forced immigrate to Venus!

However the one thing they cannot eradicate or send away is the cry of the soul for Truth, the innate hunger in our spirits to worship something higher than ourselves. The God-created nature of human beings can not be washed out - simply, you cannot separate the Hu from Man. Perhaps one day an artificial intelligent creation will be capable of grasping and storing someone’s memory and process it, but never the spirit which comes directly from the hand of God. Time has borne it out repeatedly over and over through out history: If something is true, it will stay true even if no one believes it. And what is false will remain false even if everybody believes it.

Persecuted or not, we Christians are created to do good, to be holy, resemble Christ, and put love into daily action. For all of us, I pray humanity will invest in what is true to our nature, and disseminate goodness in living responsibly. That means learning from our past and not forgetting what the damage extremism has done to Man. Extremism leading to more extremism...and endless heartbreak.